Food Freedom Story: Theresa

We believe that the more women who are working on their relationship with food and bravely share their stories, the more hope there is for other women to see what’s possible. Together we can take a step toward tackling diet culture, and collectively give up the battle with our bodies. 

So today, we’re sharing another food freedom story featuring one of our wonderful clients: Theresa! 

Theresa’s Before 

Theresa has been interested in health and wellness for a long time, dabbling in all sorts of programs and protocols. But about a year into the pandemic, she was dealing with some autoimmune issues and found herself feeling physically unwell. She felt like her body was gradually blowing up, which she attributed to being out of control around food.

She was also surrounded by many powerful, successful women in her field of work, and kept noticing so many people she admired who also struggled with this one thing: food. A phenomenon she found both puzzling and fascinating.

Theresa had already given up restriction, but she also didn’t feel good. She had the awareness that she didn’t want to diet anymore, but didn’t quite know where to go from there or how to heal in order to actually feel better in her body. She also had an added layer of navigating a real health condition, which she intuitively knew needed some attention but never got any real answers or clarity. It was preventing her from having a peaceful existence with food.

Like so many other women, she never really talked about this challenge with other people in her life and had a lot of shame around it. She felt like she needed support from people who understood how she was feeling and had gone through it themselves, which is why the group coaching calls ended up being so powerful for her.

Theresa’s After 

how to stop judging yourself

Fast forward a few months to now, and since completing Food Freedom Academy, Theresa:

  • Experienced huge shifts in awareness of her thoughts and behavior around food
  • Let go of the number on the scale as a barometer of “success” and an indicator of health
  • Tapped into her intuition and was able to advocate for herself and her health challenges, coming from a place of trusting her body and inner guidance
  • Was able to begin navigating gut issues and approach healing with the intention of feeling good in her body, as opposed to focusing on the restriction and deprivation in the name of weight loss
  • Feels equipped to support others in her own executive coaching work 

When we asked her what she’d tell other women who are struggling with food right now, she encouraged folks to get into community with others who are going through the same thing. “That’s where the healing happens,” she said.

We miss Theresa and all the amazing insight she brought to our coaching group. But we’re so grateful for our time together, and thrilled with where she ended up!

Listen to Theresa’s Story

Want to hear directly from Theresa about her experience? Listen to our chat on the podcast!

Does Theresa’s Story Resonate with You?

If you see yourself in Theresa’s story, and you want to get to the root of your food and body image issues in order to find peace, perhaps it’s time for a new approach.

You can end this painful cycle and feel at home in your body too. Book your free Breakthrough Call and get the support that you need to start healing your relationship with food today!

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