Food Freedom Story: Maunie

Coming at you today with another food freedom story, featuring one of our wonderful clients, Maunie! We believe that the more women who share their stories from the other side and provide hope for what’s possible, the more we can tackle diet culture together and say no more. We’re done keeping ourselves small and spending our lives trying to lose weight in order to be happy, yes? Yes.

Maunie’s Before 

Maunie came to us feeling completely and utterly fed up with dieting. She was spending so much time and energy trying to lose weight, believing she’d be instantly happier and everything else would magically improve if she could just hit her “goal weight” (a weight which never lasted, because she always ended up gaining back whatever she lost). 

Her confidence and self-esteem were at rock bottom, and dieting was sucking the life right out of her. There was no one else she felt like she could talk to about this, so she kept the struggle bottled up inside.

When the New Year came around, a time that’s often reserved for “starting over,” she knew she was done with dieting and wanted out of the exhausting cycle. It was hard to fathom starting another year with the same saga. But, she didn’t quite know what to do instead. 

When she stumbled upon intuitive eating, she was intrigued and thought maybe it was too good to be true. She still had weight loss on the mind, but was ready for anything different than what she had been doing, beating herself up and trying to muster the energy for enrolling in Weight Watchers yet again. 

So she listened to that little voice inside, telling her there had to be a better way. That it was possible to eat like a normal human, enjoy food, and finally feel at home in her body.

A few months later, after implementing the principles of intuitive eating and body neutrality, with the support of a coaching squad and other amazing women going through the same process, let’s take a look at where Maunie is today…

Maunie’s After 

Since completing Food Freedom Academy, Maunie:

  • Feels like a gigantic weight has been lifted off her shoulders
  • Is happier and more relaxed around food and isn’t binging at all 
  • Can meal plan without dieting rules or restriction
  • Treats herself with respect and kindness
  • Has found true self-care and honors her needs instead of beating herself up 
  • Can coach herself through tough moments instead of spiraling into shame or anxiety
  • Is setting an example for true health and self-compassion for her children

When we asked Maunie what she’d tell other women who want to heal their relationship with food after going through the process herself, she suggested quite simply, to go for it. “If you just can’t put yourself on another diet,” she said, “you need to try something new.”

We miss Maunie a ton, she brought such a warm, grounding energy to our crew and every coaching call. But we couldn’t be happier with where she is now, and we’re so grateful for our time together! 

Listen to Maunie’s Story

To hear more of Maunie’s food freedom story, tune into today’s podcast episode:

Or watch the interview here: 

Does Maunie’s Story Resonate with You?

If you see yourself in Maunie’s food freedom story, and you have an inkling that perhaps yet another diet may not deliver the genuine happiness and confidence you desire, there is a better way.

You can end this painful cycle and feel at home in your body too. Book your free Breakthrough Call and get the support that you need to start healing your relationship with food today!

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