Food Freedom Story: Jenny

We firmly believe that the more women who are working on their relationship with food and bravely share their stories, the more hope there is for other women to see what’s possible. Together we can take a step toward tackling diet culture, and collectively give up the battle with our bodies. So today, we’re sharing another food freedom story featuring one of our wonderful clients: Jenny! 

I think a lot of people can relate to Jenny’s story. She’s someone who values her health, she has always been an active person, trying to feed herself well, and take good care of herself, but something wasn’t working. She was trapped in a cycle of restricting and binging, and couldn’t figure out why she was seemingly the only person who struggled with food. 

Jenny is so funny, smart and kind, and it was truly a joy to work with her. We hope you find inspiration in her story. Let us know if it resonates with you!

Jenny’s Before

Jenny came to us having gained some weight during the pandemic and after restricting food for her wedding, and wasn’t feeling great physically or mentally. She was desperately trying to stick to her food rules and “be good,” until inevitably binging, going to bed overstuffed, and punishing herself the next day by doubling down on dieting. 

She was so tired of obsessing over what and how she was eating, all in pursuit of losing weight. She also had a lot of mental scarcity going on, that when given the opportunity to eat she had to clear her plate while she could, because the diet was going to start again tomorrow.

One day Jenny decided that she didn’t want to live in this cycle anymore. She didn’t want to be 80-years-old and still be working on her mindset around food or battling her body. She wanted to cultivate a healthy relationship with food so that she could live a long, peaceful life free of this struggle.

Jenny’s After

After joining the Food Freedom Academy, Jenny had a few important realizations. One: as someone who identifies as a feminist, she had unknowingly been participating in a problematic paradigm by dieting and constantly striving to change her appearance. And two, that her fraught relationship with food ran a lot deeper than she thought. After decades of conditioning around food and weight, it wasn’t going to be a quick and easy path to overcome strongly ingrained thought patterns and behaviors.

But she did the work, showing up for herself and committing to a new way of relating to food and her body. Months later, Jenny:

diet brain
  • Has completely stopped binging and is no longer caught in the cycle of restriction
  • Doesn’t feel any guilt or shame, and feels neutral around food without the emotional roller coaster she experienced before
  • Is taking care of herself and trusts her body to tell her what she needs and how she wants to feel in terms of food
  • Manages a busy schedule while adequately feeding herself and nourishing her body
  • Doesn’t feel the need to plan anything in advance or worry about food in social settings
  • Has an upgraded sense of self-worth, and is practicing body respect, as opposed to focusing so much on how she looks and her weight
  • Is finding joy, fun and confidence in style and how she presents herself
  • Is so much kinder and gentler to herself, which she deems the most important shift for her
  • Has freed up so much space to actually take care of herself, honor her health, live her life, and focus on other things that are important to her 

When we asked Jenny what she’d tell others who are struggling with food right now, she wanted to tell the women who are constantly judging or measuring themselves or beating themselves up that this is an opportunity to do things differently. And it might be a process and you have to be all in, but you have a chance to learn how to take care of yourself and live a happy, healthy life exactly where you are now.

We miss Jenny and all the joy, humor and compassion that she brought to our coaching group. But we’re so grateful for our time together, and thrilled with where she ended up!

Listen to Jenny’s Story

Want to get the full scoop from Jenny and hear about this transformation in her own words? Listen to our interview!

Does Jenny’s Story Resonate with You?

If you see yourself in Jenny’s story, if you want to break out of the diet-binge cycle, upgrade your confidence and self worth, and finally find peace with food, perhaps it’s time for a new approach.

You can end this battle today and feel at home in your body too. Book your free Breakthrough Call to chat with one of us, and get the support that you need to start healing your relationship with food today.

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