Food Freedom Story: Emily

Our belief around is here is that the more women who are working on their relationship with food and bravely share their stories, the more other women can see what’s possible for them. Together we can take a step toward tackling diet culture, and collectively give up the battle with our bodies. So today, we’re sharing another food freedom story featuring one of our wonderful clients: Emily! 

Emily, like many of our clients, is a successful woman with a life that she loves. But she felt like her struggle with food was a dark cloud following her around. It was preventing her from being present, and was negatively impacting her relationships.

Emily’s Before

About a year into the pandemic, she found herself feeling less than great in her body. She’d be “good” all week with food, and come Friday one glass of wine or piece of pizza led to losing control and binging all weekend, feeling guilty and physically terrible come Monday.

But what she had always done to “solve this problem” – rejoining Weight Watchers – wasn’t working anymore. She was at the diet rock bottom, and couldn’t fathom counting another point ever again.

Emily decided to seek out support instead, and below you’ll hear what happened after she began the process of making peace with food and becoming an Intuitive Eater. We hope you find inspiration in her story!

Emily’s After

After joining the Food Freedom Academy, Emily had a few important shifts. She realized her struggles with food were deeper than simply what she ate, or how many points she consumed. This was about more than the food, and to heal that underlying relationship with her body she really had to evaluate her self-care and the way she related to both food and her body. The food was just a portal into a deeper understanding and sense of self.

Months later, Emily:

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  • Is no longer caught in the cycle of restriction and binging (and gave up her lifetime Weigh Watchers membership!)
  • Feels neutral around food without the calculating, counting or negotiating that was taking up so much space in her brain
  • Is taking care of herself and trusts her body to tell her what she needs and how she wants to feel in terms of food
  • Manages a busy schedule being a working mom, while adequately feeding herself and making sure her needs are met as much as everyone else’s
  • Has a deeper understanding of how diet culture operates and how it impacts women on a larger societal level and can spot it when she sees it
  • Feels present in her life and can feel a difference in the quality of her relationships
  • Has freed up so much space to actually take care of herself, honor her health, live her life, and focus on other things that are important to her 

When we asked Emily what she’d tell others who are struggling with food right now, she wanted to tell them to not do it alone. That everything we think about food and our bodies has been shaped by diet culture, so being in community with people who get it and genuinely care makes all the difference.

We miss Emily and all the warmth, light-hearted humor and compassion that she brought to our coaching group. But we’re so grateful for our time together, and thrilled with where she ended up!

Listen to Emily’s Story

Want to get the full scoop from Emily and hear about this transformation in her own words? Listen to our interview!

Does Emily’s Story Resonate with You?

If you see yourself in Emily’s story, if you want to break out of your own diet rock bottom, upgrade your self-care, and finally find peace with food, perhaps it’s time for a new approach.

You can end this battle today and feel at home in your body too. Book your free Breakthrough Call to chat with one of us, and get the support that you need to start healing your relationship with food today.

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