Food Freedom Story: Carrie

food freedom story

Carrie’s Before

Today we wanted to share Carrie’s food freedom story with you. Carrie, like so many women, came to us feeling embarrassed and defeated.

She’d been losing ground in the life-long battle against food and her body and waging the war itself had completely taken over her life. The cost – to her time, energy, mind space and mental health – had climbed too high. And she realized it wasn’t working anyway. She’d never seen the mythical flat stomach she’d always been chasing.

She felt like an absolute failure. 

We share this story because on Carrie’s journey (and on our own) she was drawn to the support she needed by hearing herself in other womens’ stories. To know she wasn’t alone in this deeply shameful struggle was comforting. And to realize there were women who’d figured it out gave her the flicker of hope she needed to take action herself. 

Something inside was telling her that it shouldn’t be like this. That eating should be easier. And the thought of spending the rest of her life dieting just made her too sad.

It all came to a head for Carrie when a few years of “successfully” following a popular diet and workout program led her to weekly binges. After being “good” for a bit, she’d inevitably find herself at the bottom of a jar of nut butter – almond butter, naturally. 

Her husband didn’t understand these binges. And she was deeply ashamed of them herself. What would start out feeling innocent – a tiny “treat”, some chocolate chips, a handful of this, one or two of these – would turn into a “screw it” moment. She’d wind up eating whatever wasn’t nailed to the ground and come to feeling painfully bloated and cloaked in shame and disgust.

Sound familiar? 

Through it all, here’s what she knew deep down, the thought that just wouldn’t leave her alone: there had to be a better way. 

You see Carrie is also a badass cancer survivor. Yes, the woman defeated cancer. And she finally decided that she’d be damned if she was going to spend her second chance at life obsessing over Almond M&Ms.

She wanted to thrive, god damnit. She’d had enough. 

Not to mention, she really didn’t  want to pass her own struggle down to her five year old daughter. 

She finally took action and booked a Breakthrough Call. And after just a few minutes on the phone with Kimberly something deep down told her that joining our program was the right next step.

You see, she’d already read Intuitive Eating. She’d listened to the podcast. She kinda sorta knew that what we were saying sounded like that’s how this whole food and body thing was supposed to be. But she wasn’t quite sure how to get there herself. 

She decided that expert coaches, straightforward guidance and a supportive community were exactly what she needed to break out of this cycle and reclaim her life for good. 

Now let’s fast forward just a few months later for Carrie, shall we? 

Carrie’s After

Since joining the program, Carrie: 

  • Hasn’t binged, not even once. She stopped immediately upon implementing the program.
  • Feels like she never has to diet again.  
  • Has total freedom around food, like it’s not even a thing anymore. She eats salami. She eats vegetables. Big deal. (her words)  
  • No longer measures her worth on the scale each morning. 
  • Has chosen peace and enjoying the rest of her life without the black cloud of dieting and binging following her around. 
  • Feels confident in setting a great example for her daughter.

When we asked Carrie what she’d say to you today, she said “It doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to live like this. There are so many bigger things to deal with than this. But if you’re dealing with it and you need help you get some help, and you get some laughs, and you know, make some friends, and it’s just been an amazing four months. I wouldn’t change a thing.” 

Not only is Carrie a total warrior, she’s also one of the funniest, kindest women we’ve ever worked with. We miss her presence in the group each week but are thrilled that she’s been able to overhaul her relationship with food and finally make peace with the body she’s been battling since she was a little girl in a bikini at the beach. 

Hear More About Her Transformation

To hear more of Carrie’s food freedom story, tune into today’s podcast episode here:

or watch the interview here

Get the Support You Need to Do the Same

If you see yourself in Carrie’s food freedom story, if you’re tired of the binging and of gearing up for the same battle day after day after day, you don’t have to live like this anymore either. 

Today can be the end of the cycle for you too. Book your free Breakthrough Call and get the support that you need now. Eating should be easier. And you too can be one of those women who eats salami and vegetables and just doesn’t really think about it all that much either. 

You too can find peace with food and your body. 

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    Amazing story and thank you for sharing Carrie’s story! How awesome to live in peace with food and body image.

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