Alternative to New Year’s Resolutions that’s Pretty Fun

“New Year, New You” messaging falling flat for you this year? Same. Would you like an alternative to New Year’s resolutions that feels less … annoying?

When you’re recovering from dieting and working to make peace with food and your body, New Year’s can feel… tricky. It’s likely that you’ve never counted down to the ball drop without making some sort of vow to get back on track or get your shit together and finally lose the weight. So as you start to heal and this time of year rolls around you might be feeling a touch wobbly.

But it’s also a natural time of refection and introspection for many of us. A time to asses and adjust, plan and future pace. So today, we wanted to share two year end rituals we like to do since ditching the diets. A process that’s fun and a touch silly and harnesses the power of a fresh start and temporal landmark without the rigidity and self-punishment of diets past.

This ritual has two parts. Part one is writing a letter to yourself. And part two is something we’ve recently coined the Quadrants of Reflection. So, let’s dive in.

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Alternative to New Year’s Resolutions Part 1

A letter to your future self

More specifically, a letter addressed to yourself and dated December 31st 2022. This is all about dreaming and envisioning and getting pumped. You write a letter to yourself as if it is New Year’s eve of the year ahead. Describe with joy, all the things you did, and experienced and accomplished. Tell your future self how great your year was, how it felt and what you’re proud of yourself for.

alternative to new year's resolutions

If you’re having trouble getting started, write out the answer to the question “it would be so awesome if X happened this year.” What comes up for you? What gets you excited about life? What would you love to do? Write it all out.

Obviously this is not meant to be very serious. It should feel light and fun and even a touch silly. Just get weird and enjoy it.

Once you’re done, you’ll seal the envelope and put it someplace for safe keeping. (If you did it last year, you’ll then open that letter from the previous year.)

Alternative to New Year’s Resolutions Part 2

Quadrants of Reflection

Draw four quadrants on a sheet of paper and label as follows:

Top left – “2021 Did Not Bring Joy”

Top right – “2022 Adjust”

Bottom left – “2021 Did Bring Joy”

Bottom right – “2022 More Of”

alternative to new year's resolutions

The idea is to think through what felt shitty so you can gently try to do less of that next year and what that might look like. And on the flip side, what felt great and what would you like to focus on doing more of in the future?

It’s nice to assess your life from time to time. Where things tend to go wrong with resolutions is thinking we are going to wake up on New Year’s Day an entirely different person. And that’s just not how change tends to happen. Many dieters and ex-dieters also suffer from rigid thinking, a binary, black and white or all-or-nothing mindset which also tends to hold us back in life from meaningful change that feels good. So this exercise helps to navigate all of that. It helps us assess in a kinder, more gentle way. To take stock with non-judgment observation of what might feel great to focus on instead of a militant to-do list of sweeping change.

Plus, it’s just kind of fun. We’ve been doing it for years now.

(P.S. – You can download your own copy here.)

Happy New Year!

However you choose to reflect and celebrate this year, we hope it leaves you feeling inspired. And if this is the year that you want to make food freedom your resolution, we’d love to help you with that.

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alternative to new year's resolutions

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